About us (in English)

Odlarbacken is a Community Garden in Växjö, Sweden. It is organized as a club, open to everybody. We are at the moment about 25 members.

Our ”garden” is a 1500 m² lot (1/3 acre) on an old farm field.  The field has been in use since medival time and is preserved undeveloped. It is located in the center of Växjö, just 400 meter from the central square (Stortorget).

The lot is not divided into personal allotments. We share all the hard work and the harvest. We also do fika together.

We grow a wide variety of vegetables including potatoes, carrots, beets, garlic, onion, parsley, several type of beans and cabbage, but also some flowers and berries.

Everything grown in the garden is organic! We have a rich natural soil and use cow and horse manure from local farms as fertilizer.

If you want know more, email a question to: odlarbacken@gmail.com

Despite a cold and rainy summer 2015. Cabbage and kale is growing as newer before.
The summer of 2015 started as cold and rainy. It turned better and at the end cabbage and kale were growing as never before.
Havesting Kale in December